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Lactation / Breastfeeding (FAQ’s)

How can I get breastfeeding off to a good start?

• Spend as much time skin-skin with your baby,starting soon after the birth as you can
• Start Breastfeeding as soon after birth as you can
• Avoid bottles and pacifiers until Breastfeeding is established
• Seek help if you encounter challenges

How can i build abundant milk supply?

• Help baby get a good latch Breastfeeding frequently
• Spend lots of time skin-skin
• Milk supply can be adversely affected by alcohol,cigarettes,over-counter cold remedies,antihistamines,decongestants,and hormone-based contraceptives

How do i know when my baby is hungry?

• Sucks her hands
• Licks her lips
• Opens her mouth
• Turns her head from side to side
• Turns her head towards your chest

How long should each breastfeeding sessions last?

The length of each breastfeeding session can vary. Newborns can feed anywhere 5-40 minutes (occasionally even longer),while older babies tend to finish in a shorter time.

How do i know my baby is getting enough milk?

Watch the baby’s weight gain as well as how many diapers he/she uses.

How do i know that my baby is latched on well?

• Babys mouth wide open
• Her chin pushed against the breast
• Both of her lips curled out
• More areola above baby’s top lip than below her bottom lip
• Her cheeks are rounded,not dimpled or sucked in
• You can hear her swallow (it sounds like a soft “Kuh”)
• You don’t hear any clicking or smacking sounds
• She takes long,rhythmic sucks and you can see her upper jaw and ear nove
• You feel a strong tug while Breastfeeding,but do not feel pain

Is breastfeeding supposed to hurt?

Persistent or intense nipple soreness indicate that some adjustment needs to be made. Poor positioning or latch-on is most causes of sore nipples in the early weeks. Do not hesitate to seek help!