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Baby Massage Lessons

Baby Massage Lessons

Infant Massage is so much more than a relaxing massage.  Infant massage is a specific routine that is scientifically proven to improve your baby’s health in many ways, and to enhance the bond with your baby.  Learning the right massage techniques is vital to ensure that both you and your baby experience the many benefits that massage can provide.


Certified Infant Massage Instructor

The strokes taught have been created by Vimala McClure, founder of International Association of Infant Massage( IAIM) and author of Infant Massage, A hand book for Loving Parents. Susan is a member of International Asssociation of Infant Massage -Kenya Chapter, as a Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI)

Class Format

Based on Research & Experience
Infant Massage courses are offered in both a group format as well as in a private format. The class is held once a week, and each class is one-hour long. This class format has been developed based on research and experience. It has been found that this format allows for the parents as well as the babies to learn, practice, and interact in a relaxed and nurturing environment. The classes are small in size to ensure that each parent gets the guidance and knowledge that they need to  learn successfully.
Introduction to massage, Legs and Feet
Stomach, Colic Routine and a recap of Session 1
Chest and arms and a recap of Session 1 & 2
Face and Back and a recap of Session 1,2 & 3
Full body massage and Gentle Movements.

Best age to start

The 5-Week, sessions are designed for newborn babies within the first three months,as babies begin to develop important physical and intellectual abilities, including motor skills. I prefer from 3 weeks old through infancy. Provided they are pre-crawling.

We set the age limit at pre-crawling, because as babies get older they are often more curious and more mobile which can make the class more difficult for the parents and the baby.

We recommend that parents with older children wanting to learn the Infant Massage strokes do so in the Private Session format as children grow and become more interactive. incorporating songs, rhymes, and games into the massage routine is welcome. This ensures a continued connection and bond between the parent and child as well as aids in the developmental process as the child continues to grow.

Infant Massage should not stop once your baby is crawling. Throughout the course we will discuss many ways in which the strokes can be modified as your child grows, and how important it is to continue a connection with your child as they grow.

Certified Infant Massage Instructor By International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM) and a member of International Asssociation of Infant Massage -Kenya Chapter