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Baby Massage (FAQ’s)

At what age can I start to massage my baby?

There is no hard and fast rule about minimum age,although nurturing touch can be given from birth. We support parents at the earliest possible opportunity,with instruction being given from birth until the child is one year old. We teach you how to adapt positions and strokes for the growing child.

What oil can i use to massage my baby?

A scent free vegetable oil,preferably cold pressed and organic. One example of readily available and acceptable is sunflower oil

Where is a good place to give the massage?

preferably somewhere you and your baby can relax without other distractions.somewhere with natural daylight or subdued lighting.we shall show you sitting position so that you can feel comfortable and your baby feels supported

When would be best time to massage the baby?

When your baby is quiet and alert,lying awake,interested in what is going on around them and interact with you.

How long does each session of massage take?

As long as your baby likes it! Our lessons are totally baby led. As babies become more tolerant with age and experience, they will need to be massaged for longer.

Should i massage my baby everyday?

The massage will become part of your daily routine. Ideally daily massage would be great. You can massage more than once a day if that is what you want to do and more importantly if your baby is happy to receive it.

Are there any times when i shouldn't massage my baby?

We don’t recommend massaging a baby when they are not awake or are saying ‘no’ to massage

Is massage for all babies?

Absolutely yes. Our approach is regardless of whatever medical conditions or additional needs a baby may have,that a baby still has a need for touch and communication.

Can dads or others be involved?

Dads really benefit from learning massage; helping them connect and interact with their baby on a deeper level than day-to-day contact.

What do i need to prepare before the massage session?

Along with your diaper and the massage oil ,bring an extra receiving blanket,and a pillow,to prop your baby.